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New exhibition : “Érosion anthropique”, Éric Bourguignon

From January 31fst to February 21st, the works of French painter Éric Bourguignon will be adorning the walls of gallery Guido Romero Pierini Michael Timsit, located 21 rue Chapon. In prevision of the « Érosion anthropique » new exhibition and a private showing, which will take place on January 30th, the colorist with a style both oneiric and corporeal confides on his creative process.

In between styles

When he is asked to cite a few artists that inspire him in his daily life, Éric Bourguignon hesitates : of course, there’s a lot of them.

Éric Bourguignon : It’s getting more and more difficult for me to answer that question, because the family is getting bigger and bigger each day ! 

Bourguignon, who calls painting his “vital passion” does indeed feel inspired not only by the works of his contemporary, but also that of those who came before him. Parietal art has a prominent place in the painter’s imagination. It can be found in the ochre, rocky tones of some of his paintings in his new exhibition. One can make it out amongst the bold and sometimes hazy lines, with the subtle contours. Those faint silhouettes are sometimes accompanied by an almost figurative sketch. A human shape (an ever-shifting one, as Éric Bourguignon’s paintings rarely seem to remain immobile) begins to show. Spectres, just passing by, slowly moving, already gone. 

Indeed, you can find, in this atypical artist who describes himself as “neither abstract, nor figurative”, and prefers to describe his work as a “voyage” between those two styles, a love for traces, for the ephemeral. Those infinitely tangible marks of what once was, and today only exists in memories… And on canvas for his new exhibition. 

Nature as a source of inspiration

Another one of Bourguignon’s inspirations is nature, both “at ground level, but also in its greatest heights”. Earth, fire, water and air are all represented here with the same subtility, the same dreamlike impressionism. 

Adding to an already good art education during his childhood, it was his love of the outdoors that inspired him.

EB : I sometimes went to museums, exhibits… But I also liked to walk outside, I was close to nature… For me there has never been and there still isn’t a line between artistic creation and nature.

It’s around this time that he began his first work. 

EB : I don’t have a particular memory of it… I remember a garden scene. To me it was a new mode of expression that was much stronger than speech. 

Then, through encounters and ateliers, Éric Bourguignon would build his artistic route — by following the roads less traveled. 


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