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Galerie Joseph’s Fashion Week showrooms

The Paris Fashion Week continues at Galerie Joseph ! Indeed, the moment has come for the greatest houses to reveal their 2020 fall-winter collections. From January the 16th to the 23rd,  Galerie Joseph’s spaces available for rent will host many brands in their Fashion Week showrooms, in the heart of the Marais.

Armor against the cold : Moose Knuckles at 66 Charlot

For the 2020 Paris Fashion Week, Moose Knuckles is exhibiting their new collection at the 66 Charlot space, one of the fashion week showrooms that Galerie Joseph is offering for rent.

Beyond simple athletic wear, Moose Knuckles wishes to put the spotlight on resistant, durable clothing… While remaining luxurious and elegant. Authenticity is part of the brand’s DNA : what is singular, what is different.

That is exactly what allows the 66 Charlot exhibition space. This atypical showroom is located in a former foundry, only two steps away from the Place des Vosges, in the heart of the Marais. Its mezzanine structure fits perfectly for product launches, pop up stores, and cocktail parties. The gallery also includes a 3 meters long front window overlooking the street, flooding the interior with light. Its charm is both industrial and vegetal. Such a contrast between raw and delicate, natural materials and fine craft, fits Moose Knuckles’ idea of fashion perfectly.

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Italian-style streetwear class : Iuter at 78 Turenne

Italian refinement, united with the Milanese skate and hip hop culture : such is Iuter’s aesthetic, summed up in a few words. The brand wishes to reconciliate experimention, cheekiness, and class in this new collection. For the 2020 Paris Fashion week, it is presented at the 78 Turenne exhibition space, offered for rent by Galerie Joseph.

The boldly designed brand is displaying its new projects in this ideally located space in the heart of the Marais. It provides a door to Paris’ art, fashion, and creativity, with its many art galleries, showrooms, designer boutiques and restaurants. The showroom (also fitting the planning of exhibits or conferences) has a surface area of 25sqm. It benefits from a large front window overlooking the busy street of Turenne, which goes through the Haut Marais district.

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SIX London in one of our Fashion Week showrooms : 

SIX London is a reference when it comes to shoes and accessories. Carrying the products of more than a dozen designer brands such as Lacoste, Phillip Lim or Comme des garçons, the brand had chosen the 7 Froissart space, offered for rent by Galerie Joseph, to introduce the new collections. Here are three of them.


Style without compromise : Nicole Saldaña at 7 Froissart

The new Nicole Saldaña shoe collection is at the 7 Froissart exhibition space for this Paris Fashion Week. Each shoe is handmade in a Portuguese workshop. The brand uses fine, noble material such as velvet, shearling, or suede. Quality shoes at a reasonable spice, made by women for women… Such is the goal of Nicole Saldaña. Style without compromise, with out of the ordinary shapes and materials.

To showcase the new collection, Nicole Saldaña is exhibiting at the 7 Froissart space, one of the Fashion Week showrooms that Galerie Joseph offers for rent in the popular Haut Marais district. The space is located a mere five minutes away from the two metro stops Filles du Calvaire and Saint-Sébastien Froissart. It is surrounded by art galleries, boutiques and showrooms. This former workshop dating back to the reign of Napoléon III, built upon 16th century foundations, was completely refurnished. Its decor is modern, elegant, and minimalist. Its great volumes (300sqm distributed across 3 floors) are highlighted with natural materials and shades of anthracite and white.


Danish Goldsmithery under the spotlight : Monies at 7 Froissart

Natural materials have the place of honor in Monies’ new collection, a true reference amongst Danish jewelry. Created in 1973 by goldsmith couple Gerda and Nikolai Monies, the brand is especially knwon for its elegant designs and their use of noble constituents. Raw materials such as amber or precious woods transform into incredibly refined jewels in their workshops.

For this Paris Fashion Week, innovation is pushed forward. In the Haut Marais district, the 7 Froissart exhibition space is showcasing their new collection among that of other talented creators. The space, which Galerie Joseph offers for rent, is surrounded by many art galeries, showrooms, and designer boutiques. Its location is ideal for exhibits and pop up stores. The building’s 3 floors and 300sqm of space have a modern, minimalistic decor, which allows each brand to append its own style, for every type of event.


Handmade frames in the heart of Austria : Andy Wolf at 7 Froissart

Each pair of Andy Wolf glasses is first built by hand in Hartberg, Austria. Thanks to its 58 employees’ hard work, the brand is understandably very well known across the world. As for the frames themselves, they are distributed in over 45 countries. Such a success isn’t due to mere luck : swinging between classic and nontradtional styles, Andy Wolf glasses not only look good, but they are also very durable. This is why, for the 2020 Paris Fashion Week, the brand is exhibiting its new handmade collection at 7 Froissart.

This space offered for rent by Galerie Joseph is ideally located in the heart of the Haut Marais. The district is an open door to innovation, especially in art and fashion, and is an ideal location to plan events of any kind : exhibits, showrooms, pop up stores… One of its assets is also its architecture. The 7 Froissart space is indeed located in a Napoleon III style building, completely refurnished in collaboration with a Japanese designer. The 300sqm of space (distributed across 3 floors) have a modern and minimalist decor. They are also very adaptable. The stripped down volumes allow for the reception of up to 300 guests.

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Polly King & Co at 116 Turenne for Paris Fashion Week :

Polly King & co is an eminent fashion sales agency. Their showroom carries the products of over 20 ready-to-wear, accessories, and lingerie brands. For the 2020 Paris Fashion Week, Polly King & Co has chosen the 116 Turenne space to present those brands’ new collection. Here are two of them.


Everyday feminity : Rebecca Taylor at 116 Turenne

Rebecca Taylor celebrates everyday feminity. With its vividly colored prints and noble materials such as silk, poplin and lace, the brand establishes itself as a womenswear reference. Rebecca Taylor is presenting its new collections with outfits designed for every occasion and lines creating subtle silhouettes. To do this, the brand set up shop in the 116 Turenne space, of the Fashion Week showrooms offered for rent by Galerie Joseph.

Located in the Marais district, this former workshop was entirely renovated in 2013, and benefits from large spaces both minimalist and modern. Its situation is ideal, as it is surrounded by art galleries and designer boutiques. The gallery offers a total surface area of 850sqm distributed across two floors, and includes an impressive glass roof 12 meters high. Both its architecture and its location are great assets.


La vie bohème : Camille at 116 Turenne

Colorful bohemian prints, loose comfortable cuts… Camilla is a brand that favors creativity. Firstly, the brand’s clothing lines, all handmade, are out of the ordinary. Their colors are vivid, their tones cheery… And their cuts are made to flatter all body types. Camilla opts for noble materials such as silk or 100% cotton, as well as their personal touch : cristals, coming to embellish their hand-painted prints.

Camilla is presenting its new collection in the 116 Turenne exhibition space, this Paris Fashion Week. The space, one of the Fashion Week showrooms offered for rent by Galerie Joseph, is located in the Marais. This district has acquired international renown for its bustling culture and its many art galleries. With its vast, 850sqm surface distributed across 3 floors, and its impressive 12 meters high glass roof, the 116 Turenne space stands out. Adaptable depending on each brand’s need, this former workshop (which underwent renovations in 2013) has a minimalist, sophisticated decor. It is available for rent for all sorts of events : showrooms, art exhibitions, pop up stores…