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Christmas POP-UP Store in Paris by WILO & GROVE

To welcome the Christmas holidays specialists and art revolutionaries, Wilo & Grove offer its Christmas pop-up store in Paris every year. It is in the atypical space 7 Rue Bachaumont of Galerie Joseph that the ephemeral boutique of Wilo & Grove is deployed from November 29 to December 23, 2019. This pop-up event is something for lovers of art and interior decorations.

An Ephemeral Apartment that Makes You Want to Settle There

For the very first time Wilo & Grove presents its Christmas Pop-Up store in the Montorgueil District, a district well known not only for its atypical and original boutiques but also its theaters. It is within the Bachaumont space of Galerie Joseph that the magnificent Christmas pop-up store in Paris takes place for almost a month. The Bachaumont space is one of the most incredible spaces of Galerie Joseph. It has an elegant storefront and large windows overlooking the pedestrian street, which offers people excellent visibility into the store. Its 200 m² is divided into two floors with a beautiful glass roof diffusing appreciable natural light on the ground floor and solid wood parquet on the first floor, which offers a warm style. It is therefore in a vast and welcoming environment that the Christmas Pop-Up store is installed. The idea of Wilo & Grove is to reproduce ephemeral apartments with all the works of its artists, which make us want to settle down and stay there.

Incredible Artists

The artists in the pop-up store that are chosen by Wilo & Groves are more than just the titles given to them. They are talented people, lively, and full of ideas, personalities, and inspirations. These artists prove that the art market is not one designated for few but is accessible to all. Wilo & Grove decided to flip our vision of art upside down so that we can finally understand it better and welcome it at home.

During this magnificent Christmas pop-up store event in Paris, you also have the chance to discover the fabulous partners of Wilo & Grove. These partners are experts in the field of interior decoration.

Never the same and always original, the transient boutiques of Wilo & Grove have then the knack to gather artists and collectors in amazing, nonconformist places, differing greatly from galleries’ classic style in Paris. We run there to be surprised, discover the latest news from this duo, choose THE unique gift for THE unique person or treat ourselves with one of the works on display. It is truly an artistically magical Christmas!


Wilo & Grove: Two Women Conquering Modern Art

Wilo & Grove is a company created in 2017 by Fanny Saulay and Olivia De Fayet. Formerly experts in one of the largest auction houses in the world, these two women decided to embark on a whole new adventure: Wilo & Grove. Experts by their past experiences, the duo was able to see through the flaws and strengths of the art world. A world still so little known to the general public, the art world is a playground that Fanny and Olivia want to share with us. Wilo & Grove focuses on modern art and the discovery of new talents. Their desire is to make us discover modern art while proving to us that art is accessible to all! You don’t have to be an expert or wait to be rich to invest; art ages without wrinkling.

With its slogan “Be Wild, Buy Art,” Wilo & Grove conveys a positive, revolutionary, and dynamic message. Splurge, have fun, and live. That’s what the love for art conveys. It is therefore with the desire to accompany us in our discovery of modern art that Fanny and Olivia advise us slowly in our selections.


For them, four points are important:

– Stay Young

You only have one life so take the opportunity to invest from a very young age in works of art. No need to be rich, you just have to find a rare gem.

– Be Bold

There are no specific reasons to buy artwork, the important thing is to love it! And if you are not sure of your taste, Wilo & Grove supports you in your choices.

– Be Unique

Make your home look like you. Why buy furniture identical to all when you can own unique and atypical pieces? Be unique and express your tastes in your home!

– Be Cunning

We tend to buy consumables. Let’s try to be different by purchasing works of arts that will stay in our lives and those of our families, forever.


Discover art while taking pleasure

Wilo & Grove is a way for the general public to discover art with ease. No more large and chic galleries where appearance is the priority. Here, the priority is art and only art. In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, Wilo & Grove welcomes you into its incredible universe.

Since 2017, 42 artists have trusted Olivia and Fanny to exhibit their works and lives. It is therefore a real family of enthusiasts that we meet when we go for a walk at Wilo & Grove.

Ephemeral boutique as solution

The idea to create transient shops twice a year was so obvious to the two women. What could be more practical than a Christmas pop-up store in Paris that allows the general public to discover art in a relaxed manner with a festive and warm atmosphere? In a reproduction of a trendy apartment, the artworks merge together to make room for the inspirations of future interior decorations.

A pleasant way to discover art very gently. Because yes, art does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money, it is above all discovering objects and furniture that mark us for life. These are works that become moments of life that we pass on to future generations.

Buying art means making our daily lives and hearts more colorful. Come visit the Christmas pop-up store in Paris from Wilo & Grove and bring happiness to your daily life.