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New Space in Galerie Joseph, Paris: 21 Chapon

Since its foundation in 2007, Galerie Joseph has been providing its clients with atypical spaces for renting. Mainly located in the heart of Marais, the Galerie Joseph spaces in Paris are full of charm and history. Galerie Joseph likes to renovate its spaces in a modern way while keeping the authenticity of the places. It’s the charm of a perfect mix between history and modernity. We are pleased to present the brand-new space for rent in Paris: Space 21 Chapon. Elegance in all simplicity created by Galerie Joseph. 

21 Chapon: 130 m2 of Elegance

Space 21 Chapon Chapon Galerie Joseph in Paris is a space full of character whose elegance merges with modernity. During its renovation, Galerie Joseph chose to leave the floor and exposed beams in their natural states to display their industrial style. The marriage of these elements with the walls and ceilings, repainted with an intense white, gives a chic and elegant persona to Space 21 Chapon.
It’s a space that lends itself to any type of event. Its entrance is dressed in large windows allowing an integral view of the space by passers-by. These are an undeniable asset to attract the eye during any event. The windows also allow natural light to come inside the room in addition to the lights installed on the ceilings. The elegance therefore remains temperate, allowing your event to occupy the space without overwhelming it.
Space 21 Chapon in Paris is available for rent for private and public events. Anything from conferences, seminars, exhibitions, showrooms or pop-up store, this space lends itself to various types of events.


Latest Generation Technology

In order to be sure that your event is successful and runs perfectly, Galerie Joseph has installed all of the latest equipment at the forefront of technology in Space 21 Chapon in Paris. The space has SONOS speakers with WIFI broadcast for better music management. It also has DEVIALET speakers of 4500 Watts and 108 decibels per speaker. The speakers are wireless and produce a professional sound that will adapt to the type of room. Galerie Joseph offers 13-inch iPad Pros with the option of mounting them on 100% transparent feet, an ideal tool for different functions. The space features a 4K UHD curved 170 cm SAMSUNG screen with transparent feet and a 4K 16/9 SAMSUNG Wall. These are all latest generation devices that will make any event a pristine one. Space 21 Chapon also has modern furniture featuring various chairs, tables, desks, picture rails, and many others.
Space 21 Chapon Galerie Joseph, located in the wonderful Marais District of Paris, is a rental space ideal for your events. It is a bright space, full of charm and is at the forefront of technology. The Marais district is a trendy and lively place in Paris. Popular with Parisians and tourists, the Marais has many art galleries and designer boutiques. It is truly an ideal neighborhood to publicize events and brands.


Galerie Joseph, Atypical Places


Galerie Joseph is a specialist of rental of atypical places located in the heart of Paris. It consists of more than 20 spaces in the beautiful capital, all concentrated in very popular areas. Most places are located in the heart of the Marais, a trendy area of Paris. These 20 places include: 21 Chapon, 78 Turenne, 16 Perche, 16 Saint-Claude, Musée d’Orsay, 66 Charlot, filles du calvaire, 6 Braque, 123 Turenne, 51 Turenne, 7 Bachaumont, 49 Tournelles, 7 Froissart, 16 Minimes, 236 Saint Martin and 116 Turenne.
All these spaces vary between 30 and 850 m2 and are equipped with the latest materials at the cutting edge of technology and ultra-modern furniture. Each space is bright and unique, all with their own character. Combining modernity and noble material, Galerie Joseph in Paris has renovated unique spaces ideal for renting. Every factor of presentation is well-thought and worked on to ensure that every event within these spaces will shine. Each space has its own cachet because of its location as well as its atmosphere.



A lot of experiences

Thanks to its past experiences, Galerie Joseph has had the honor of welcoming within its premises’ various large companies, whom are well-known and trusted. Among these advertisers include, Asos, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Mont Blanc, Citroen, Samsung, White, Courrèges Paris, L’oreal, Disney, Baccarat, Netflix, Twitter, Hermes, Facebook, Guerlain, Dior, Bruce Field, Issey Miyake, and the LVMH group. It is with immeasurable honor that every day Galerie Joseph works with both big and small advertisers. Each event is unique and welcomed with respect and professionalism. Galerie Joseph in Paris has twenty unique venues to help guests find the perfect venue for their event. It is important to choose the place as much as to choose the date. A space that blends perfectly with your event is a space that will give you the last keys for a successful event and high standing. Since each event is different, it is with professionalism that we work in different ways depending on the client. We are able to listen and adapt to generate more success for every event.

Galerie Joseph in Paris, possess a passion for all kinds of events. It is 20 atypical and original places to rent in trendy places of Paris. Galerie Joseph in Paris are spaces designed to host your events throughout the year. These are spaces for rent that offer you all high technology in a modern and noble place. Galerie Joseph in Paris has more than 12 years of experience and a passion for successful events.