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For more than ten years Galerie Joseph has proposed for rent 20 fabulous spaces in the heart of the Marais, one of the most famous districts of Paris. With its experience and professionalism, Galerie Joseph has created an atypical and unusual atmosphere in each space provided. It became with time, a hallmark in terms of room rental in Paris. Whether at a private event, such as a conference, or at an open event, such as an exhibition, Galerie Joseph offers a wide choice of venue rentals in Paris.

Galerie Joseph, Specialist of Private Spaces rental in Paris


Since 2007, Galerie Joseph has been offering a wide choice of room rentals in Paris. Whether it’s private events, such as seminars, conferences, or meetings, or public events, such as a fashion show, an exhibition, or a Pop-up store, twenty Galerie Joseph spaces are available throughout the year for rent in Paris.

Galerie Joseph, thanks to its professionalism and its atypical places, became a reference in Paris. French, European and people of various nationalities travel every year to attend the events hosted by Galerie Joseph in Paris.

The idea of making room rentals available in Paris makes it possible to highlight artists and their arts in atypical places, with offbeat and innovative architecture. Galerie Joseph possess an original style that challenges the world of space design in Paris.

Room rentals in Paris are full of choice and proposals. However, thanks to its location and notoriety, Galerie Joseph is one of the best in the field of space rental. These unique spaces will make your events unforgettable moments, not to be missed in Paris.


Galerie Joseph and its space rental in Paris


Located in the most beautiful landmarks of the Marais district, the spaces offered in Paris gallery rentals by Galerie Joseph are all very special and original. Locations of these spaces include: 78 Turenne, 16 Perche, 16 Saint-Claude, Orsay Museum, 66 Charlot,, Fille du Calvaire, 6 Braque, 123 Turenne, 51 Turenne, 7 Bachaumont, 49 Tournelles, 7 Froissart, 16 minimal, 236 St. Martin, 116 Turenne and 21 Chapon.

Each space has its own universe, its own area, and its own touch of originality. The spaces all vary between 30m2 and 850m2 and are arranged in one or more levels of exhibitions. They are all, for the most part, equipped with the most remarkable, and luminous window showcases. Whether for an exhibition, a showroom, a concert, or just a meeting, these twenty spaces all offer original styles that highlight the event in question. When we decide to choose a Galerie Joseph space for an event, we decide to choose an atmosphere more than just a place. The architecture of each space dominates the place by its character, atypical lines, and out of the ordinary personality. Room rentals in Paris by Galerie Joseph are utilized to promote the originality of your event through a beautiful place in the heart of the Marais.

It is at prestigious events such as the FASHION WEEK and the PARIS DESIGN WEEK that Galerie Joseph offers its fabulous rooms and spaces in Paris.




PARIS DESIGN WEEK represents ten incredible days where professionals and the general public discover the unmissable addresses of Design in Paris. They are French and international professionals and amateurs who travel in the capital, from space to space, to appreciate the art of design.

This prestigious event garners more than three hundred participants. These participants are working so designers and artists will discover their works and present them to the general public and other professionals.

PARIS DESIGN WEEK takes place during autumn. It is at this time that the new collections are unveiled in shops and where the flagship novelties of the year are launched. PARIS DESIGN WEEK invites stores, galleries, showrooms, hotels, and restaurants to share their love of design for ten days and to let the general public try their hand at interior design.

During PARIS DESIGN WEEK, nocturnes, debates and ephemeral installations revitalize the beautiful capital of France. It is truly an exceptional way to discover the novelties of the year and it is a completely different way of approaching furniture design.

Annually since 2013, Galerie Joseph has made its twenty incredible spaces available for the pleasure of professionals and amateurs during the PARIS DESIGN WEEK.

Fashion week in Paris

In addition to PARIS DESIGN WEEK, we cannot forget a must-see event in the world of fashion, the FASHION WEEK in Paris. For a whole week, creators have the opportunity to present to the world their brand-new creations, worn by beautiful models in beautiful spaces. All the fabulous showrooms and spaces of the Marais in Paris are invaded by the magic of fashion and the spaces Galerie Joseph are part of it. It’s an important week in Paris, the capital of fashion and emblem of French elegance. It is therefore an honor for Galerie Joseph to offer its rentals of rooms in Paris. They welcome the public and invite them to discover the most beautiful collections from around the world. It is truly an incredible experience that brings different arts together and unite for a whole week.

Galerie Joseph is more than just spaces. Galerie Joseph is a name, different atypical atmospheres that cannot be ignored. It is an extraordinary experience that makes any event unforgettable. Galerie Joseph is a professionalism of more than twelve years in the world of design and art. These are years of experiences and collaborations with both big and small companies, big and young artists. Galerie Joseph, these are not places, they are lives.