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Vintage furniture Pop up Store in Paris

From the 18th to the 20th of November in Paris, Galerie Joseph welcomes the “Popstore danois” by The Vintage Furniture, a specialist in trendy and vintage furniture in Paris

Located in space 51 Rue de Turenne in the famous Marais quarter of Paris, you have exclusive access to discover the most beautiful Danish furniture in the Scandinavian design. These furnitures are especially selected for the occasion by The Vintage Furniture.

A Scandinavian Atmosphere in a temporary shop

During the last Pop-up store event in the iconic Galerie Joseph in Paris, The Vintage Furniture pop-up store in Paris received a rave review and had amazing success with the public. That’s why The Vintage Furniture decided to relive the experience this year with its brand-new exhibition, “Popstore danois,” an incredible temporary shop where you can discover the Danish style through an amazing choice of furniture. The exhibition is happening in the beautiful Galerie Joseph space, located in 51 Rue de Turenne in Paris, from the 18th to the 20th of November 2019.

During these three days, the exhibition is proposing an immersion into Scandinavian design. This style demonstrates the elegance, tradition, and functionality of the Scandinavian way of life. Danish and Scandinavian decoration has, for many years, completely charmed our society with its refined lines, comfort, and functionality in every single furniture.

In this 180m2exposition space divided into two levels, the furniture discovered by The Vintage Furniture for Galerie Joseph Paris for this original and temporary shop are displayed with simplicity and authenticity, allowing each piece to reveal its own nature and personality.

The exhibition “Popstore danois” located in Paris is primarily focused on living room and office furniture. These two rooms are extremely important in Scandinavian style and have been a focus of designers for centuries.

During your visit at the exhibition, you will have the chance to discover multiple types of chairs, a furniture really appreciated in Scandinavian design. Along with different types of chairs, sofas, and armchairs, you will have the chance to see different types of tables and cabinets, all of which are functional.

“Popstore danois” is trendy, vintage, and specifically designed for lovers of furniture with personality. If any of these sound interesting, choose to stop at The Vintage Furniture pop-up store in Paris.



The Vintage Furniture pop-up store, An Experience and Professionalism for Our Sweet Homes

With its own shop located in 166 Rue de Turenne in Paris, The Vintage Furniture pop-up store is one of the trendiest shops in Paris for the sector of vintage furniture. Inside the shop, you can find beautiful and famous furniture from the 20’s. In fact, The Vintage Furniture Paris is a specialist for vintage furniture, which is famous for its fineness and its sophistication. Despite the desire from customers wishing to move away from industrial design and return to the roots of design, the materials used during the era is respected for is superior quality compared to furniture from today. Moreover, the pieces created by famous designers Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen, are even more appreciated and coveted by customers. The Vintage Furniture, a unique shop and specialist in vintage furniture in Paris, is honored to have the chance to house artworks from famous designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. Located in the prestigious quarter of the Marais in Paris, famous and popular thanks to its galleries, theaters, events, The Vintage Furniture has built its reputation with its elegance. Professional sellers are always attentive to the client’s needs. The Vintage Furniture has, in shop and online, ten artists, designers, and creators of furniture who have been in the spotlight in the design world due to their incredible innovation and creativity. (Designers available in the shop in Paris: Arne Jacobsen, Johannes Andersen, Poul Henningsen, Rud Thygesen, Johnny sørensen, Nils Jonsson, Carl Malmsten, Erik Buch, Severin Hansen, Poul Cadovius et Verner Panton).


Scandinavian Furniture: Where Functionality Meets Pleasantry

Famous for their innovative characteristics, unique and forward thinking designs, and functionality, the furniture from Scandinavian countries ‘conquered’ the world after the World War Two. Scandinavian decorations are famous for their bright colors and original geometric forms but also for their raw materials and elegance, which is sophisticated and refined. The recipe for good success in the Scandinavian design consists of esthetic and functional   furniture. Functionality is the key word during the creation of Scandinavian furniture. Scandinavian chairs are widely known for their ergonomics and comfort. Chairs are a type of furniture that Danish and Scandinavian designers have never stopped improving. Their design and functionality have been a focus for many years. Verner Panton, a designer who has some of his creations in The Vintage Furniture shop and on display at the exhibition “Popstore danois” in Galerie Joseph Paris, is the man who invented the famous “Panton Chair.” The “Panton Chair” is the first chair created with plastic injection molding. During the early 1950’s this chair was universally appreciated, not only in the design world, but also by the public.  In Scandinavian design, it is an essential characteristic to marry natural wood with various types of materials. However, the wood must remain a primary focus of color and authenticity. In fact, in Scandinavian design history, wood is always present in furniture. This because it not only offers a natural and relaxing decoration appeal, but also because ecology is an important point for the Scandinavian population, who is surrounded by nature and the forests everywhere. Marrying the materials between each other is an extremely important concept in Scandinavian design. It is important to associate wood with soft materials and bright colors with warmth, without forgetting to marry esthetic and functionality. This is the secret of a perfect Scandinavian design. Danish furniture is always improving the design world by marrying innovation with vintage style. They are innovators in bringing important ideas from the past and combining it with the needs of the present.