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“Atlas of Humanity” – The photo exhibition in the Minimes art gallery in Paris

“Culture should be regarded as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group, and that it encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs” – this is how UNESCO’s définies culture in its universal declaration on cultural diversity. The most famous exhibition of cultural diversity “Atlas of Humanity” will be held from 8 to 10 November at Galerie Joseph, the specialist in the rental of art galleries in Paris.

An international event

Indeed, the event brings together more than 50 photographers from different regions of the world. They will present hundreds of photographs celebrating human diversity. The 350m2 art gallery at 16 rue Minimes will have the honor of hosting this famous exhibition for three days. In addition, the exhibition has already made noise in New York, Cologne, Dubai, Birmingham and Tunis.

Photographs with incredible richness

Discover many portraits interpreting the cultural diversity of the world. John Kenny, David Lazar, Vincent Karcher and other photographers shed light on everyday moments of different ethnicities. The clichés highlight the unique heritage of several regions, including Nepal, sub-Saharan Africa and North Korea. An incredible richness emerges from each photo. Since 2015, Atlas of Humanity has expanded its collection of photographic essays to present the public with an authentic exhibition.

An event in the heart of Paris

It should be noted that entry is free for anyone wishing to discover the opening of this exhibition. Amateur and professional photographers will be at the rendez-vous to talk about their works. Finally, the exhibition will take place in a privileged setting in the heart of the Marais district. Galerie Joseph puts at the disposal of all artists the rental of art galleries in Paris.