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“Update Marilyn” – Marilyn Monroe exhibition in Paris

Galerie Joseph gives you an appointment 116 rue de Turenne for a second exhibition on Marilyn Monroe in Paris (discover the photo exhibition “Divine Marilyn”). This time, the commissioners commit themselves to reveal to you Marilyn Monroe the woman and not the spotlight icon.

The birth of Marilyn’s memoirs

At 28, Marilyn has already shot many films.  All of them were successful, especially “Niagara” and “Men prefer blonde-haired women”. She decides to share her vision of her own life with Ben Hecht, a playwright and novelist. He gave life to Marilyn’s words. For reasons we ignore, she stops producing this work but confides it to her closest friend Milton Greene.
This exhibition on Marilyn Monroe in Paris brings you closer to another version of Marilyn. This version is closer to the one of a sweet young woman victim of her childhood and bitter adolescence.


Twenty-years later

Twenty years after having embraced these papers, Milton Green decides to spread to the public what the divine Marilyn wanted to say. Twelve years after that summer evening when Marilyn fell asleep for the last time, the truth is revealed.  Who was really Marilyn Monroe ?  Was she a simple blonde-haired woman posing naked on calendars to pay her rent? Or, was she a simple young woman plunged in sorrow, melancholy and the shadows of her own past?

Visiting the exhibition Update Marilyn is likely to getting closer to Monroe, it is similar to reading her book “My Story”.


The double life of the star

The exhibition Update Marilyn will give you a chance to unveil the double life of Marilyn and get closer to the two sides of her personality.
One the one hand, Norma Jean the child who floats from one host family to another. On the other, the girl who cries for her strong love, the thing that pushed her to marry the first man she meets. Finally, Marilyn the sex symbol who fought Hollywood, conquered it despite his crooks, its womanizer and its jealous women.

Marilyn lived between glitter, dresses, hairstyles and backstages, immersed in a sea of beauty and suffer at the same time. She gave free rein to her intelligence as well as her lucidity in her memoirs.