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“Divine Marilyn” – Photo exhibition in Paris

Galerie Joseph is hosting the photo exhibition in Paris “Divine Marilyn”, which presents pictures of the star. Until September 22, you will a photo exhibition that will unveil the enigmatic life of Marilyn Monroe. This photo exhibition will take place in the original space of the Gallery Joseph, 116 rue de Turenne.

A tormented childhood

First of all, This photo exhibition in Paris revives one of the most seductive fashion icons , Marilyn Monroe : a little girl who lived a childhood full of intrigues and torments to become an icon of fashion and cinema.
Above all the story of Marilyn Monroe is universal. Her childhood was that of a little girl who did not know her father, did not live with her mother and changed her hosting family several times in a short time.
Unlike most fashion icons, Marilyn did not triumph in one fell swoop. Her success, especially her affairs and her tragic death, have been widely witnessed in stories, films and documentaries all around the world. Also, the photo exhibition held this summer will reveal the interesting life of Monroe through many photographs.


Model career

Thanks to an exhibition of photographies presenting Marilyn from her youth to her life as a rising icon of fashion and cinema, you will follow the life of Marilyn Monroe.
The first photo of Marilyn was intended to highlight the role of the woman at war in the US military. Her popularity within advertising campaigns owes her marriage. As a result, she divorced from Jim, as they did not meet because of their busy schedules. So far, Marilyn had posed for fifty campaigns and engraved her name.


Marilyn at the cinema

Dreaming of becoming an actress, Marilyn took acting classes, and began to change her look. Her mole and blonde hair attracted 20th Century Fox with whom Marilyn signed her first contract. Not being the last contract signed, Marilyn had the chance to play in several movies or theatrical pieces, but never had the opportunity to win an Oscar. The exhibition ‘Divine Marilyn” will share pictures showing Marilyn in her best performances.
The exhibition is pleased to show you another side of Marilyn’s life. It spreads all the famous life of Marilyn Monroe, a life that consolidated intrigue, love affairs and professionalism.