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“Jackie, an Icon” – Exhibition in Paris

Galerie Joseph is hosting the exhibition in Paris : “Jackie, an Icon”, which presents Jackie Kennedy’s photos. Until September 1st, discover, in one of the Galerie Joseph’s spaces, situated in 16, rue des Minimes, an exhibition that will unveil various stages of the life of the First Lady of the United States.

A longtime inspiring life

The photo exhibition revives one of the most inspiring women in history. The story of a professional and single mother who has overcome many challenges, Jackie Kennedy’s perseverance to live her life did not fail to inspire women for a long time now.
Jackie’s story is egregious. The accomplishment of her upsurge to become one of the most famous first ladies, chased by the calamity of her husband’s assassination, has been creatively documented around the world. The photo exhibition held this summer will reveal the enigmatic life of Jackie, by presenting a hundred of shots.


From photographer, to wife, to First Lady

At the rue des Minimes, you will follow Jackie Kennedy in her professional career, by exhibiting suspended artworks that present Jacqueline Kennedy from her earlier childhood to her life as a First Lady.
It is thanks to her stepfather that Jacqueline was able to get a job as a photographer. Her job consisted in asking people about their views on different political issues while photographing them.
Not forgetting the goal of the exhibition, the commissioners gave more importance to the Kennedy side of Jackie’s life.
The relationship of the future Kennedy couple began in May 1952, the betrothal took place on June 25, 1953. A feast organized and witnessed by various celebrities marked the beginning of his tenure. This is where Jackie has been recognized as the first lady of the United States. It was as the First Lady that Jackie really shone.

Jackie, a fashion icon

Jackie’ natural love for fashion gave her a sounding success within women of her country – even though she usually had to soften the reality concerning her origins and her life as a privileged child. The exhibition will share some cliché that will show you the First Lady in her most beautiful outfits.
The exhibition held in Paris is pleased to show you another side of Jackie’s life. It completely sheds lights on this particular period of Jackie’s life, a period that married elegance, charisma and authority.


Always a First Lady, never a last First Lady

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis left her family and country at the age of 64. She was buried next to her husband, John F. Kennedy.
“Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a model of courage and dignity to all Americans and to the world,” President Clinton said. “More than any other woman of her time, she captivated our nation and the world, with her intelligence, her elegance and her grace.”
The exhibition shows some portraits of the First Lady, living her last days with her friends and family.