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Uncommon places | 49 Tournelles

In the Marais neighbourhood, the very heart of Parisian artistic life, Galerie Joseph hire its uncommon showrooms. Our spaces benefit from this distinctive location, but also from their one-of-a-kind vintage-modern cachet. The 49 Tournelles gallery expresses it at its better. This two-level, 215 sq. meters uncommon area put you in the center of City of Lights.

The Haut Marais

The Haut Marais district has become, for the last few years, a trendy area in Paris. Two steps away from Place des Vosges and subway station Chemin Vert, the Tournelles street bends to Beaumarchais – the Boulevard. This is precisely where the showroom’s vitrine provide its view. But let’s have a look beyond the double-wing doors : because it’s, like often, better on the inside.

Showroom for rent - 49 Tournelles

Light and allure

What a showroom would be without light ? The outside baies provide theirs, meeting two large apertures on the other side of the main room. But the Sun sleeps, sometimes : spotlights deliver mass exposure from the 3.64 meters high Empire ceiling. In the corner, a winding staircase raises its spiral to the upper level, raw wood and black metal.

Up! - 49 Tournelles

Further up

A bit more withdrawn, the upper level offers its wooden floor to the light of three large windows. The clear walls answers to spotlight’s black railings. On the back, more discreet rooms make 49 Tournelles the ideal area for pop-up stores or Fashion Week events. The whole showroom allies perfectly the Parisian architectural tradition to high-tech performance.

Stairs in Tournelles showroom

Services à la carte

In all its Marais showrooms, Galerie Joseph provides connecting infrastructure up to 500 users. If you need it, we can supply design furniture, tuned to your audience. For all your photo shootings, exhibitions, cocktails, product launches, press days or pop-up stores, contact us ! Be sure we will find, together, the best solution to make your event a one-off moment.