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Bachaumont – Showroom in Paris

You’re looking for a showroom to rent in Paris ? Galerie Joseph provides its uncommon places. In the Sentier neighbourhood, very heart of Paris, the Bachaumont space welcomes your exhibitions, arts and fashion events, or pop-up stores. Overview of this unique area, that offers 200 squared meters on three levels, two steps away the Halles and Palais-Royal garden.

Exposure, in Paris

Located on the side of Ben Aïad passage, the Bachaumont showroom vitrine unveils its 5 linear meter to a nice Paris wooded street. This storefront is topped by large windows, typical of the buildings in this district.

The entrance opens to the first showroom, 65 sq. meters wide, with guaranteed exposure granted by the vasts glazed areas. Its waxed concrete floor runs, and leads to the three other areas. Bounded by slim columns supporting lintels, showrooms 2 and 3 open to the first one of the place marvels : the glass room.

Verrière Bachaumont


This part of floor level indeed profits from a vast glazed surface. The facade and ceiling are made with frosted glass, on a metallic framework in a true post-industrial manner. Thus, you can find one of the top qualities of Galerie Joseph’s showrooms : offer you the most beautiful alliance of vintage and modern style.

This trendy blend can also be found on second floor. An aged oak flooring unfolds its raw material under the feet, on the 100 squared meters of the level. There too, the two vast spaces take full advantage of large windows. Hence daylight, is at its best.

Second floor wooden floor - Bachaumont, Paris

Private spaces

Ultimately, and because having backstage is always a good idea, basement accommodates a 13 sq. meters private space, and a nearly 25 sq. m. kitchen. Bachaumont area reflects Galerie Joseph’s showroom philosophy. Combining architectural tradition and high-end services, it is moreover set in Paris’ very heart. And, like all of our atypical places, it can be equipped with design furniture, or high-tech audio, or video system. Contact us for more information !