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Ines Longevial

Ines Longevial has recently produced her first exhibition in Paris, in Galerie Joseph’s charming premises at 47, rue des Tournelles. Her vasts canvas, oil or acrylic painted, that plays with gigantic, solid colours, embody determined though still feminine figures. Focus on this promising young painter.

A provincial childhood

From South-East France where she was born, she keeps a faint devotion for the countryside, flower fragrance, the morning light into her “little house on the prairie”. After her master degree in Applied Arts, aged 23, she settles in Paris. There, she begins several cooperations with renown, major brands, like Amélie Pichard, Kitsuné, Fred Perry, Levi’s or Nike.

An international outreach

Ines, as a consequence, had an opportunity to show her works in Toulouse or Berlin, for collective exhibitions. But it’s California that offered the young artist a chance for her very first solo display, in HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles. In October 2018, she came back to the United States, in San Francisco that time, for her second exhibition, Je suis une couleur at Chandran Gallery.

Under influence

If she recognizes awe and wonder for great, classical painters like Rodin, Claudel, Picasso, her universe is also influenced by other figures, more surprising. She evokes at times Pedro Almodovar and the unique way he plays with light and colours. The name of Frida Kahlo is raisen, whose self-portrait fluency inspired her, and unveils the theme she knows the best : herself.

An artist to follow

Introspective, looking forward, gambling with lighting and shading, the art of Ines Longevial suggests an original perspective on women, refusing standards and fantasies. Her production has undoubtedly found its public during this exhibition week-end in Marais’ very heart of artistic Paris.

You can follow Ines Longevial on Instagram or on her website.