Exhibition Paris | 2 – 22 february 2019

In February, Galerie Joseph will be hosting a brand-new exhibition, reuniting masterpieces from several parisians artists. The idea of DECADE is to shine a light on the work of french artists, all graduated from the ENSBA of Paris, also known as L’École des Beaux-Arts. 9 painters, sculptors, photographers, all with their own styles and all graduated from 2008 to 2017, will be presenting their art to the world on this very special occasion.

Galerie Joseph put the spotlight on the Parisian artistic scene

At the heart of Paris, in the famous district of the MaraisGalerie Joseph welcomes 9 artists from the ENSBA of Paris. This exhibition will last a whole month and will show very different aspects of parisian art nowadays and, therefore, french art. Modern art, sculpture, photography, every artists has his style and his own method. The audience will be able to discover some work of art on this occasion, in an outstanding gallery with an impressive glass roof. 


Different styles and differents visions

The question of what is a parisian artistic scene has been asked to specialists on this special occasion. The answers are as different as the works of art which will be exposed next February. For some, an artistic scene is not created by the work of artists, but, at the opposite, by the glances of artists, the crossovers in their life and their history. The public creates the scene as well, looking in the same direction as artists, creating a new point of view on the art. For others, the artistic scene must be local, and nourished by art critics, professionals and art lovers.  

An exhibition not to be missed as this event is, according to its name, a celebration of a Decade, and represents ten years of students in the ENSBA of Paris. Galerie Joseph is expecting you on this occasion, at the 116 rue de Turenne, in Paris