Interview Holdbar - Paris Design Week

1. Holdbar is a young group with a very present approach to design. Can you tell us more about the concept of your collective?

Holdbar” is a word that means durability in Danish. This word covers a whole range of concepts such as recycling, high quality, natural materials, circuits, non-pollution, ecology, cooperation, development, going back to the roots and craftsmanship. This is what we as a group and individuals stand for and that is what has brought us together in Holdbar design group. With the group we have created a space for designers, architects and artists to experiment, investigate and develop ideas, concepts and products in a more playful and thorough way in contrast to working within the design industry.

2. How did your collective group come about? And how did you find each other?

Holdbar design group was established in early 2015. Designer and project manager, Fie Bjørch, received the invitation to exhibit during Paris Design Week at Galerie Joseph. She initially founded the group and invited young talented designers all based in Copenhagen with an interest for sustainable and innovative approaches to design and to challenge the understanding of what sustainability is within the design industry.

3. What’s a biggest challenge for a group composed by several designers, each one with one creative identity and universe? 

It is a great privilege to collaborate and work together as a group. We do not have any limitations to how we work, as long as it has a sustainable and innovative approach. One great challenge is to show and communicate all of the aspects and details in each individual product and object. In a group exhibition it is important that there is a coherence between the individual pieces, and yet that they have the space to communicate each on their own.

4. In 2015 you presented the « Don’t run out » Collection in Paris, who decided this theme?

The theme and name for the exhibition was a collective idea and decision. It is based on what we all believe is important. “Don’t Run Out”, means for us, that we must not run from our responsibility as designers and that we must not run out of the natural resources that is accessible to us today.

5. I saw that a Danish band performed during Paris Design Week among your installation. Did you managed this partnership yourself?

The collaboration took shape since both Holdbar and Télé Rouge were going to Paris in the fall 2015. We got the idea of working together to create a synergy between our work. The exhibition opening night was a grand success with the band playing at a stage inside the design exhibition. Télé Rouge also participated with their own conceptual and sustainable music installation “We are part of the same loop”. It was a true pleasure to work together and also collaborate with photographer Amanda Hestehave..

6. Does each designer commercializes their creations individually or just as a group?

Holdbar is founded as a group of individual working designers, architects and artists. We collaborate, discuss and challenge each other during the work process prior to a group exhibition. Each individual member of the group create their own commercial or non-commercial partnerships, both prior to and after an exhibition.

7. What’s the theme for 2016’s collection? 

Holdbar design group has just recently established a Nordic collaboration with groups of designers in Sweden and Norway. In 2016-2017 we will be working on a Nordic travelling design exhibition “GRAN”. In this Nordic collaboration we connect designers, artists and craftsmen from the North to investigate, celebrate and communicate the potential of gran (pine tree and fir tree) in a sustainable context. It will be a multifaceted exhibition with a strong focus on material and the process of working with gran as local Nordic materials.