Danish designers are renowned for their vintage furniture. But did you know that many of them were trained in architecture as well ? And how could it be different, when you consider design as a service brought to mankind ? We owe Danish creators some of the most outstanding monuments of the world.

Arne Jacobsen

Danish design’s most respected name, who authored the mythic Egg Chair, has leart masonery during his early career. In 1927, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has graduated him in architecture studies. He keeps working in this field, and begins furniture design only a few years later, during 1940’s. He conceived, among other things, the famous Texaco gas station in Skovshoved, or the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

Finn Juhl

After his graduation in Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen, Finn Juhl then works for the famous Vilhelm Lauritzen. He begins furniture design as well, in the 1940’s. He has collaborated on Lauritzen’s main project at that time, Radiohuset – Danish radio broadcasting building. He took off a bit later, to establish himself as a furniture designer.

Hans Bølling

Born in 1931, Hans Bølling has been too trained as an architect. After working a few years in advertising, he got back to his original vocation, and began vintage furniture design. He has created the legendary Krüger table, while pursuing his activities as building project manager.

Jørn Utzon

This review would not be complete without naming Jørn Utzon. The Sydney Opera, worldwide symbol of Australia and its major city, is his masterpiece. Unfortunately, for us, scandinavian vintage design enthusiasts, he has not built any piece of furniture !

Food for thought

Danish designers’ wish has always been crystal clear : the shape has to serve men. We can only gaze Sydney’s Opera’s splendor, or Radisson Blu’s greatness. But we, at least, can present ourselves some great pieces of Scandinavian vintage furniture.