Rentable area
800 sqm

Architectural vestige
of the 14th century

Cours des Grands Dépôts Le Marais - 75003 Paris

Wi-fi connecion
500 users

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Olivier de Clisson, successor of the Constable of France, Bertrand du Guesclin, built a mansion from 1371, outside the ramparts of Philippe-Auguste, in the heart of the site of the Temple (now the Marais). This first habitat is preserved only the fortified gateway confined to two watchtowers on the current rue des Archives. This is the only vestige of private architecture of the fourteenth century still visible in Paris. The hotel Clisson was acquired in 1553 by François de Lorraine, Duke of Guise, and his wife Anne d’Este. Works undertaken by the powerful family of Guise remain the chapel, formerly frescoed by Primatice and Niccolo dell’Abate, and the old guard room in which the Ligueurs of the Catholic party used to meet during the Wars of Religion of the late sixteenth century. It is probably in these places that was decided St. Bartholomew (1572) and began the day of the Barricades (1588) which forced King Henry III to flee Paris.


localisation galerie paris87 rue des Archives – 75003 PARIS

  Métro galerie paris Hôtel de Ville (8), (11) – Rambuteau (11)

Bus galerie paris   Bretagne (96) / Oberkampf – Filles du Calvaire (20), (65)

Surface : 800 sqm of transparent crystal canvas tent.

Capacité: Seated dinner: 700 people. In cocktail: 1200 people. Conference: 1300 people.

Atouts: Valet service on request.

Connection: Up to 500 users.


Seated Dinner
Product launches
Press day
Executive committee
Press breakfasts
Team building